E-Luper is known for its spotless structure and design and for its resourceful competence. E-Luper ERP, a School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions meets with all the technological and administrative requirements of schools. The many tools enable proper workflow in different departments leaving no room for errors with a view to encourage and make positive difference in students.

The paperless automation of E-Luper provides the facility to perform all the activities of the school, making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate. We understand the importance of a centralized database management system and have designed and developed E-Luper after a thorough analysis, to ease the work of the institute stakeholders.

  1. 1. What is E-Luper Integrated Campus ERP?

    E-Luper is a school Management web application which have three ends 1. Administrator 2. Teacher 3. Parents E-Luper provides various types of stats including Financial reports.

  2. 2. is E-Luper has Dedicated Techer Panel?

    Yes, E-luper has a dedicated teacher panel which provide functionality of adding attendance and home work. attendance and home work. attendance and home work. attendance and home work.

  3. 3. Can Parents check Their Child Academic Record?

    Yes, E-Luper allows parents to check their Child’s Academic Reports with the help credentials submitted by administrator in their respective account.

  4. 4. Is Fee & Transport Can Manage Through E-Luper?

    Yes, by using E-luper user can maintain student fee records as well as transport. It allows user to keep check on the fee deposited and about to be deposit. It also gives information about transport facility used by students of the school.

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