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E-Luper has only motif to serve and digitalize the school of Himachal Pradesh. We are providing all the incredible features which are required by school management to accomplish all the tasks in the school. E-Luper has all the functions which can perform all the tasks in the swiftly manner. We have tried to cover every aspect of the school related work to take off the load from the shoulders of school administration.


Know About E-Luper Modules

E-Luper is comprised of different modules which constitute the efficient working of the school. School management can access these modules as per their own convinence for various purposes. It has 9 modules which are Basic Module, Examination Module, Fee Module, Transport Module, Inventory Module, Stock Module, Library Module, Website Module and Front Desk Module. Administrator can perform all the module related work with one click outputs.
E-Luper has an user friendly interface which is easy and accessible from everywhere. These modules are designed in such a way that they will generate daily reports as well as daily collection with few clicks. User can make desk users for limited acess or specific module. These modules are created to distribute the work in correct manner as school has many branches/ fields in which work is distributed. All those branches/ fields are covered in these modules in elaborative manner. E-Luper provides a common platform for school administration to complete all the tasks in one go only. You can manage from fee collection to examination records in one platform. User can access data from admin app as well as from web panel.

Module #1

Basic Module

– Student & Staff Management
– Admission Register
– Attendance, Homework, Notes
– MCQ Test, Assignment, Messaging
– Health Profile & Student Rating
– NCERT Study Video Library
– Online Class Schedule Management
– Time Table, Notice Board, Timeline
– Automated Admission Form, Student & Staff ID Card Design
– Automated Character Certificate, Transfer Certificate, School Leaving Certificate
Module #2

Examination Module

– Dedicated Student Examination Profile
– Add & Manage Exam Marks
– Session Exam Graph
– Subject Wise Exam Record Management
– Exam Wise Exam Record Management
– Annual Exam Record Management
– Automated Student Rank
– Exam Data Export in PDF (Subject wise , Exam wise, Annual & Rank Record)
– Automated Annual Report Card
– Customize Exam Module as per your school Need
Module #3

Fee Module

– Easy To Use Concept Interface
– Supporting Online & Manual Fee Methods
– Four Type Of Fee Configuration
– Pending Fee Calculation
– Fee Data Export With Various Reports
– Dedicated Student Fee Profile
– Annual Fee Graph
– Student Balance Fee Calculation , Sttdent Transport Fee Chart
– Automated Receipt Printing
– Customize All Fee Setting Per Your School Need
Module #4

Transport Module

– Transport Route Management
– Transport Route Graphs
– Bus Tracking Integrated By Google Maps
– Dedicated Student Transport Profile
– Data Export in PDF Format
Module #5

Inventory Module

– Income / Expense Management
– Income / Expense Category Configuration
– Export Income / Expense Data in PDF
– Staff Salary Managemnet
– Export Salary Data in PDF
Module #6

Stock Module

– Dedicated Stock Invoice Management
– Upgrade/Discard School Stock
– Consumable/Non-Consumable Stock
– Complete Stock Graph
– Export Stock Record & Invoice in PDF
Module #7

Library Module

– Dedicated Student Library Profile
– Add/Discard Library Books
– Non-Returned Books Record
– Complete Library Graph
– Export Library Record in PDF
Module #8

Website Module

– Manage School Website
– Add/Remove Photograph
– Photograph/Notice Integration
– Integrated With E-Luper Portal
– Easy To Access Interface
Module #9

Front Desk Module

– Assign Role To Desk user
– Dedicated Console
– App Availble in Play Store
– Control Desk User Activity
– Easy To Use Interface