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E-LUPER :- A Modern approach to manage your school

Efficient and easy running of a school is a real challenge for all administrative staff. The user-friendly, versatile, futuristic and fully customizable nature of E-Luper makes it enchanting to school administrators, Teachers and parents.

  • Data Visualisation

    Thoughtfully designed Analytics Dashboards provide you with easy interpretation of complex data of your esteemed institution

  • Security

    Part of the Digital Communications strategy, E-Luper provides 24x7 access to pre identified information to different types of users via secure data route

  • Out of the Box Flexibility

    Our experts have studied in detail all types of School Operations and designed a module which comprises all the daily work load of school.

About E-Luper:
Every Bit Of School Management On Your Tips.

It will allow user not only to manage Student Record, but it will also offer special panel for Parent as well as Teachers. With the help of E Luper, user can generate various kind of financial reports. E-Luper will help user to check the attendance of student, Fee Records, Transport Facility overview, Exam records, Stock management, 5 types of homework, Notes, Leave approval and many more. These features plays important role in school management and E-Luper sort them in the most effective approach.

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E-Luper Features

  • Online & Manual Fee Support

    E-Luper Supports Online & Manual Fee Method with 4 Type Of Fee Configurations

  • Dedicated Apps & Web Panel

    E-Luper Offer Dedicated Apps & Web Panel For Administartors, Teachers & Parents.

  • One Click Data Export

    E-Luper Offers One click Data Export in Excel & PDF Format

“A cloud based School Management system to orchesterate and automate all your school management function while providing a range of solutions to cater the students.”