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About Him Shiksha App

When you have right intentions, you can move the rocks of difficulties.This project started with a dream of helping students of Himachal Pradesh with their education for many upcoming years. This is something which was assembled in 1 month of sheer dedication and constant research of education syllabus. This app is not something which was made in rush, it is a product of quality content and still looking for aspects to improve. We finished our project in minimum time possible and then Him Shiksha App was launched by Shri Govind Thakur, Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh. He congratulated and gave his best wishes to help the students of Himachal Pradesh in the process of digitization. We had discussion regarding other projects like E-Luper and other future upcoming projects with the honorable education minister.We are taking every strong and reasonable step towards the strengthening of Himachal’s students. So that they can embrace them with more sources for competitive exams.

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