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E-Luper is known for its spotless structure and design and for its resourceful competence. E-Luper School ERP specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions meets with all the technological and administrative requirements of schools. The many tools enable proper workflow in different departments leaving no room for errors with a view to encourage and make positive difference in students.

The paperless automation of E-Luper provides the facility to perform all the activities of the school, making them easy, fast, efficient and accurate. We understand the importance of a centralized database management system and have designed and developed E-Luper after a thorough analysis, to ease the work of the institute stakeholders.

  • Secure & Reliable

    We ensure the full data security. Your data is safe with us.

  • Dedicated Apps

    E-Luper offer Dedicated Apps For All Users

  • 24/7 Online Support

    We are available 24/7 For Web Panel & App Support.

  • Instant Notification

    E-Luper Searves Instant Notification About Updates To Parents, TEachers & School Admin

  • Modren Approach

    E-Luper helps You in Kind of Working Of Your School & Make it Easy To Use

  • Easy To Use

    While Developing E-Luper We Make all the Working easy To Use. Working Video of Web Panel & Apps Are already Attached

Know More About E-Luper

With E-Luper, we are trying to help the schools with integrated School ERP, so that they can provide the facility which is the need of the hour. As we are heading towards the next decade of 21st century, technology and ease of doing work without any stress and paper load is the main focus and E-Luper gives you the option of staying ahead of the curve with most advanced options and precision. We have tried integrating every information which is mostly needed by school and parents regarding their ward. We have focused on making things easy for school as well as parents.

E-Luper can be described in one single line i.e. every bit of School Management on your tips. It will allow user not only to manage Student Record, but it will also offer special panel for Parent as well as Teachers. With the help of E-Luper, user can generate various kind of financial reports. E-Luper will help user to check the attendance of student, Fee Records, Transport Facility overview, Exam records, Stock management, 5 types of homework, Notes, Leave approval and many more. These features plays important role in school management and E-Luper sort them in the most effective approach. E-Luper can help users to manage school in most efficient way. E-luper will allows user to generate specific account credentials for Teacher as well as Parents, through which parents can check Attendance, Examination record and home work of their respective ward.

E-Luper provides various types of stats including Financial Reports. so you can manage the daily data inputs with high quality service in easiest way. E-Luper can help you in managing attendance as well as Fees. E-Luper help you to manage operations like transportation and ledger book, salary and many more.

Answering common questions
Regarding E-Luper

If you dont Find your question below then Please check “FAQ” Section.

E-luper was started in 2017. It was started with with very Basic options of school Management. As the year goes by E-Luper has evolved and has reached its full potential.
At present, digitization is the need of the hour. Schools usually spend their most of the time in maintaining data in paper form which is not accessible from everywhere. E-Luper School ERP keeps your data available for you 24*7. User can access as well as make changes in that data from anywhere.
E-Luper enables accuracy in your regular records and saving the time spent on keeping books. We provide customization in outputs which can be important to the school. We believe in good service and customer support through out the session as we are constantly evolving and growing.
Yes. E-Luper offers customization in the School ERP as per your school requirement.customization will be done only if your requirement meets up with the approval of E-Luper Development Team and benefit of the project itself.