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With E-Luper, we are trying to help the schools with integrated school ERP with mobile apps, so that they can provide the facility which is the need of the hour. As we are heading towards the next decade of 21st century, technology and ease of doing work without any stress and paper load is the main focus. And E-Luper gives you the option of staying ahead of the curve with most advanced options and precision. We have tried integrating every information which is mostly needed by school and parents regarding their ward. We have focused on making things easy for school as well as parents. We Are offering 4 Web Panels with Apps

  • Campus

    Web Panel & App For School Admin

  • Desk

    Web Panel & App For School Front Desk Managers

  • Educator

    Web Panel & App For Teachers

  • Parents

    Web Panel & App For Parents

Know More Campus Panel

E-Luper helps you in your daily School management. In E-Luper , administrator can generate 3 kinds of panel (Parent, Teacher & Front Desk User). There are so many handy tools like Check attendance record and teacher, fees & salary management and many more. It will allow you take print out of any balance sheet. If you are going to get monthly financial Stats it takes very less amount of time and generate a PDF automatically. In this application user can add external income and expenses which make your work less and efficient.Income which goes into the Bank is also well managed. Keeping the details of payments is one of most complex tasks but by using this application this task is as simple as any other task. Its just like managing your social profile. Administrator can add teacher as well as students to E-Luper

E-Luper provides user to update data in the bulk form. It allows user to integrated campus ERP and provides data on the mobile app. User can update student as well as teacher data in bulk form. E-Luper has integrated new advanced features like Student and Staff data Export in PDF as well as XLS format, Attendance data export, 3 new methods of Fee Management, Class Syllabus Management, Gallery for School Activities and Timetable for all classes.

In examination panel, E-Luper automatically generates the list of student ranking as per their annual scores.

Parents can apply leave on the app only for their ward in case of any emergency, which will be approved by the school only.

E-Luper has updated all the security check points which makes your school data more secure and accessible to the specific school only.

Know More Desk Panel

E-Luper provides administration to dustribute the work load as per the convenience. Admin can create desk user through which they can assign different functions/ panel of the software. Administration will have overview of the work done by Desk user from their admin panel. E-Luper covers almost every aspect of school working. User can assign panel with limited authorities to desk user. Admin can also set timings for the desk user in which he/she can perform the action. Desk user will be able to access the options which are activated by admin. Admin can also restrict contact information of the students from the desk user. Admin can deactivate the panels as per their requirement. Admin can also deactivate the account of desk user , if he/she is absent from school.

Know More Educator Panel

This is the panel which allows teachers assigned by administrator to add attendence and homework to assigned class. It is very hectic to keep attendence records of students but E-Luper allows user to save attendance in most easiest manner. Teacher can check attendance of the classes which he teaches. Class teacher can change the attendance in absent , leave and half day. Teacher can send their special remarks to a specific student too. Teacher panel is generated by administrator only and he can delete it too when it is not required.

Know More Parents Panel

E-Luper Parent App is generated by the Administrator and has specific ID and PASSWORD. Through this panel, parents can access the attendance of their ward. They can check the homework given to their ward by their class teachers. E-Luper allows parents to check attendance and other data of more than one children in a single panel . This panel also gives information about upcoming holidays of school.

Answering common questions
Regarding E-Luper

If you dont Find your question below then Please check “FAQ” Section.

E-luper was started in 2017. It was started with with very Basic options of school Management. As the year goes by E-Luper has evolved and has reached its full potential.
At present, digitization is the need of the hour. Schools usually spend their most of the time in maintaining data in paper form which is not accessible from everywhere. E-Luper School ERP keeps your data available for you 24*7. User can access as well as make changes in that data from anywhere.
E-Luper enables accuracy in your regular records and saving the time spent on keeping books. We provide customization in outputs which can be important to the school. We believe in good service and customer support through out the session as we are constantly evolving and growing.
Yes. E-Luper offers customization in the School ERP as per your school requirement.customization will be done only if your requirement meets up with the approval of E-Luper Development Team and benefit of the project itself.